Founded in 2004, Petals Interactive has evolved as a solution provider in the design communication landscape (Internet & Multimedia) based at Faridabad, New Delhi-NCR.

Housed in a well equipped facility, with all the modern accessories for our kind of business. We possess latest equipment for your demanding needs.

Petals Interactive specializes in Web Designing, Multimedia Presentations, Corporate Films, 3-D modeling & Presentations, Portals, CBT's, Intranet Solutions, Pre-Press & Printing. We have clients in India and abroad. We also provide affordable and high quality Web Hosting Services on Linux and Windows NT Servers to our clients.

Driven solely by the passion to ideate, innovate and communicate, our Team comprises a judicious mix of wordsmiths, thinkers and dreamers, who help define, develop and deliver impactful communication strategies. A company that embraces the changes in paradigm. It also ensures perfect synergy between all communication elements - something that's difficult to achieve across multiple vendors.


To design communication that is in a 'ready-to-use' form for the customer, that is, a solution.













To be a frontrunner in the global design communication industry, with a reputation of consistently delivering innovative and strategically sound solutions across the entire gamut of new media.



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